Sunday, March 11, 2012

Add politicians to do not call list

I think most people agree with what this elderly woman had to say in the Metro Community News. She is sick of getting robotic messages telling her who to vote for...

I am an old lady woman who is tired of getting recorded phone calls bothering me and getting unnecessary flyers in the mail everyday. I am especially angry when I heard that nearly 200 thousand dollars is coming from Albany to influence this local election. Please, Please stop calling me. In these tough times, it is waste to spend thousands of dollars to change my vote. I will vote for the candidate who doesn't take money from downstate. Enough is enough. Leave this old lady alone!!!!

Did you notice how the career politicians exempted themselves from the New York State Do Not Call list? This is another tool by the political machine to make it difficult for outsiders. People like the woman above are sick of the harassment. The recorded messages are the worst. We need to take back our democracy from these used car salesmen. If enough people complain, we can stop this nonsense.

And the direct mailings have gotten ridiculous also. What a waste of paper and postage. Is it really necessary to send out a new negative flier every two days?

This old lady is sick of political calls and mail



  1. Mike,
    I could not disagree more. This "old lady" says she'll vote for whoever doesnt take money from downstate? Isn't it important for those running to "serve" us be allowed to let us know how they stand on such issues? I highly doubt this woman goes through BOE disclosure reports to see where money is coming from.
    Furhermore, the decision to exempt politicians from the do not call list, actually hurts incumbents. Its the no name non-entrenched candidates who need to get name recognition this way.
    As a political hack myself, I can reluctantly inform you that we purchase your phone numbers from the voter registration database on file with the BOE. You provided it when you registered to vote. You can remove yourself by reregistering and excluding your number.

    A Political Hack

  2. You make a good point about the no-name candidates having access to these lists. And I guess it's unreasonable and unconstitutional to ban candidates from calling people. However, the recorded messages from Bill Clinton and other popular leaders is a bit extreme. I would like to see these end. At least have a human being make the effort to talk to someone.

    I don't know what screening process the Metro Community News uses these days. I know I was banned because people actually talked about the comments I made. It was one of the reasons I started this website. It used to be called Blow off your steam. But when people actually used it to "blow off some steam" and say some politically unpopular things, they changed it to "Steam." I thought that was kind of funny.