Wednesday, March 14, 2012

All politics is local

I had to laugh when someone told me this earlier. Kearns supporter "Guido" DiPalma has been everywhere for the candidate. Putting up signs, handing out literature, going door to door,etc. Just the other night, he was at a local Bingo Hall explaining to a group of elderly patrons how Kearns is still an enrolled Democrat. He told them he was forced to run on the Republican line after the Democratic bosses chose their handpicked puppet, Chris Fahey.

So, what led to Guido's dedication to Kearns' cause? Was it the fact that Chris Fahey is the handpicked stooge of the entitled? Is he turned off by the $150,000.00 in donations given to Fahey by Albany's Sheldon Silver? Does he like Kearns' combative style on the Buffalo Common Council? Fahey's criminal $88,000.00/yr salary?

None of the above. Apparently vocal Fahey supporter and current City Comptroller Mark Schroeder cut him off in traffic a few months before the election near McKinley Parkway and that is what set him off. The truth is stranger than fiction. (In full disclosure, I've seen Mark drive and I've always thought he was very courteous behind the wheel.)

"Don't drive angry"...


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