Thursday, March 22, 2012

South Bflo Joe gives readers a nickel's worth of free advice

South Buffalo Joe's two cents on the Kearns/Fahey results: He believes people have put too much stock in the Brian Higgins Dynasty and is calling for new leadership in Congress...

The "First Families of South Buffalo" are outraged with the results of this election, and they are especially furious with you, Mr. Blake, and your blog. They believe their entitled candidate was bushwhacked and robbed of this office largely because of people like you, and what they perceive as "character assassinations" by you against Mr. Fahey and his political allies, Congressman Higgins, City Controller Schroeder and State Assemblyman Kennedy.

For that, I salute you! Mr. Blake, we need people like you in South Buffalo who can separate phoniness from truth and self-interest from the common good. For generations political hacks have provided the army of stooges needed so the machine bosses could exploit and rob this community to death. It's high time that these brainless arrogant "followers" were put in their place. I'm glad the "ordinary Joes," the real South Buffalonians, the salt of the earth working-class people who are not beholden to some sleaze-bag City Hall ward boss for their living, came out and voted against the "First Families" and their robber barron, political party machine, overlords.

Keep your eyes on who Jiggins and Co. will next try and force down our throats as the next South District City Council Member. Most likely it will be another one of his staffers. I'm betting on it being yet another uninspiring, brainless follower, who just happens to have been born into one of South Buffalo's more arrogant and entitled "First Families."

I'm also thinking Jiggins must be getting tired of losing battles against Mickey Kearns. I'm sure ol' High Pants would rather be back in Washington telling everyone he and Bono are saving the world together, and that he was actually allowed to visit the Kennedy compound once.

In fact, the more this fool tries to portray himself as the next Bobby Kennedy (complete with fake lisp and tossled hair), the less serious he is taken by the power brokers on Capitol Hill.

Awful grace of God
I say it's time we in South Buffalo start looking for a new Congressman. Too many "followers" have made a God out of this false idol.

-South Buffalo Joe


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