Monday, March 19, 2012

Conservatives abandoning core principles?

I'll say this about the Green Party. At least they adhere to their core beliefs. The Western NY Conservative Party?, they don't seem to stand for anything these days. Ralph Lorigo appears to be the biggest scam artist known to man.

How can these guys target Mark Grisanti, based on his support for gay marriage, and then turn around and support Chris Fahey? Fahey is in favor of gay marriage and partial birth abortion (unless Brian Higgins calls him next week and tells him to change his mind). This article is not for or against these issues. People believe what they want to believe. It just seems to me Lorigo is forfeiting his party's core beliefs in favor of personal gain. If the Conservative Party doesn't stand for these issues, then who does?

It appears some true conservatives are starting to make waves against Brian Higgins' $88,000.00/yr prostitute Chris Fahey. Here was a quote on "11,000 Doors" Facebook page this morning. Of course, I'm told it was only up there for 10 minutes...
"South Buffalo Democrats like you, Higgins, and Kennedy, checked your souls at the door and moral values that you were taught at the Catholic Schools that you went to:St. Teresa's. Timon, and St. Joes, when you entered politics. I know the Sisters of Mercy and Franciscans didn't teach you to be pro-choice, pro gay marriage. You came from a family of nine so it is obvious your mother didn't have those same values. How is the deal with the devil to get politcal power working out for you guys? See you at Church on Sunday- probably not. You guys can go represent Allentown where your values are more alligned. Not Conservative South Buffalo, Lack, West Seneca, and OP."
I think after this election, the Conservative Party members are going to have to look within the party to make changes at the top. How can you run a party when your views are clearly not in line with the members?


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