Friday, March 2, 2012

Blog contributer responds to Fahey's salary

I would love for one of the South Buffalo political prostitutes to respond to this contributor. After you read this, you need to go outside, take down your Fahey sign, quit your government job, and go look for work in the private sector. This reader pretty much sums up how the rest of us feel about people of your ilk...

I can't believe that we taxpayers actually shell out $80,000 a year for that stooge to hold Jiggins' coat. This is an absolute outrage! People are hurting, and I mean really hurting in this neighborhood. We've had one ratbag politician after another promise us the world here in South Buffalo, but there hasn't been a decent paying job brought to this neighborhood since Republic Steel, Trico, Mobil Oil, etc., all closed their gates. And all we got in return for allowing manufacturing to leave our shores was boarded-up businesses, abandoned houses and lots of hot air from our so called "leaders." Please, no more lies about "Brownfield Redevelopments."

Meanwhile, the same self-centered opportunists keep getting elected to office around here, their war chests grow richer and richer, all while their army of political hack flunkies act as their Pretorian Guard. And this job for life comes at the mere price of shelling out to the legion of political hacks a few City/County/State jobs and the obligatory summer gig at the pools for their teenage kids. We allow these crooked politicians to get away with complete neglect of our communities, and at the same time everyone kow-tows at the local gin-mills to these thieves. Yes, times are good for the South Buffalo political class and their legion of flunkies who derive mainly from some of the most unenlightened members of South Buffalo's self-anointed "first families." Yeah, times are good for these elites, despite the fact that 99% of the rest of the people in the neighborhood are really suffering.

In my lifetime I've seen our South Buffalo neighborhood descend from what was once a respectable working-class area to what it is today, an inner-city urban ghetto comprised of the underclass and vestages of the white working-poor.

Yet, St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner and the Shamrock Run is on tap too: you just watch how many people will go out of their way to shake hands and slap the backs of these professional phonies. The Abbott Road/Potter Road/McKinley Parkway crowd will turn a blind ignorant eye to all the blight and poverty which now overwhelms the South Buffalo area and pretend that it's still 1952, as they elbow each other while trying to get their faces forward in the posed photographs with the local rat-bag politicians.

Some people need to wake up and see things for what they are and not what they were.



  1. This is the truth. The trouble with South Buffalo is there are way too many political hack social climbers utterly convinced of their own self-importance. Truth be told, most of these smug arrogant political operatives are not as big of a deal as they think they are. And as much as these people refuse to believe it, their families are not at par with the Kennedy's of Hyanisport. In fact, if they did a little digging they'd soon discover their family trees are as muddy and common as anybody else in this neighborhood, and the only reason why they might have one leg up over the rest of us is in terms of a City job or influence in City Hall is because they and/or their parents or grand-parents play(ed) sleazy local politics. They shelled out a lot of money for those jobs and that political recognition from Buffalo Democratic Party HQ. They got in bed with the devil and sold their souls, it's real simple. Never mind trying to better themselves through education, hard-work, industriousness, thrift, investment, etc., that would require work, which we all know is kryptonite to the typical ignorant, half-educated, South Buffalo political hack. They should therefore realize then that their political standing does not suddenly transform them into South, excuse me, Orchard Park Royalty. This just proves to me that they're a pack of snakes and nothing but mere political opportunists, certainly not the kind of people to be trusted...or looked up to as our "leaders."

  2. I'm seeing alot more Fahey signs than Kearns signs.

  3. "I'm seeing alot more Fahey signs than Kearns signs."

    Kearns' sign order has not come in. There are many people waiting for his signs (although I will not be one of them). You are correct, though. I have seen a lot of Fahey signs on McKinley Pkwy.

  4. all the lawns with Fahey signs also had BROWN FOR MAYOR signs, these people are the shame of south Buffalo .