Thursday, March 29, 2012

Email to Richard Fontana

I sent this email to Lovejoy Councilmember/Majority Leader Richard Fontana. As the leader of the Council's majority,he is the one who basically will choose the person to fill outgoing Councilman Mickey Kearns' vacant seat. Jim Keane/Brian Higgins are currently trying to "influence" his choice. Substitute whatever word you want for influence...

Hello Rich,

Readers of my blog and concerned citizens alike are watching the goings on behind the latest council appointment. Many residents of South Buffalo are aware of candidate Tim Whalen's incompetence and connection to Jim Keane (his brother-in-law). Keane is the Orchard Park/Florida resident still trying to continue on with his 40 year scam on this neighborhood.

I would encourage you and the rest of the majority to consider the other candidates before choosing Tim Whalen. Whalen is clearly a puppet for the self-proclaimed First Families of South Buffalo. Many of us are sick of Brian Higgins and company jamming their stooges (Conrad, Kennedy, Whalen, Fahey, etc) down our throats. We all know side deals are being attempted and we don't appreciate our representative being raffled off to the highest bidder. Be forewarned. Your support of a shill like Whalen could have serious repercussions on your reputation within the city. He represents the neighborhood thieves and if you support him, you will be considered one of them also. Do the right thing.
Do not support corruption.

Mike Blake



  1. I'd love to know what the political hack bar-room blowhards are saying in certain taverns of South Buffalo about this upcoming election. As with every election, of course, they will be forced to sell their soul and think in the way they are ordered to think, do as they are ordered to do by the zen god High Pants Jiggins.

    These people are all so terribly pathetic. I guarantee not one of them has ever developed an independent thought in their small little lives. Just pathetic creatures--I shudder even to call them human beings. They're nothing but sheep. Loud--make that very LOUD--sheep, on guard and ever ready to shout anybody down in the bar who would dare to think critically and form their own political opinions without first seeking permission from High Pants and his circle jerk of duds.

    South Buffalo's First Families? They sound more like brainless, drunken, shanty white trash to me.

  2. It is unfortunate that you feel this way about Tim. He is a hardworking man that cares about South Buffalo.

  3. Tim is a family man and a great person. He would make for a great councilman.

    1. It's nice to know you read the blog, Tim.

  4. Blake is 100% right. Whalen is part of the same old same old. The same people who "backed" Fahey will be backing Tim. and the result will be the same. Long live the Blogger!