Sunday, April 1, 2012

Rayvon Martin

One thing great about Twitter is that we are now finding out how dumb some celebrities really are. Football players, hockey players, and film directors can't go two days without writing something ridiculous on the social networking site.

Take the Rayvon Martin case. Celebrities should let law enforcement and the local community of Sanford, Florida handle the situation. If it is found that George Zimmerman did not act in self defense, he should be arrested and charged with murder or manslaughter. It's a tragedy when any 17 year old unnecessarily loses their life. However, sports stars, celebrities, and politicians clearly have no problem shamelessly exploiting the young man's death for their own personal gain.

Spike Lee, who has made one decent movie his whole career, posted an incorrect address of Zimmerman to his Twitter followers. I hope the elderly couple forced to endure the threats of violence, sue the buffoon.

Spike Lee apologizes to Florida couple, agrees to pay for retweeting their address

Not to be outdone, Roseanne Barr posted the actual address of Zimmerman's parents on her Twitter account. It wasn't up long, as one of her lawyers must have talked to her. Talk about irresponsible. Who is she to even get involved in this case? She should be charged with attempting to incite more violence.

Again, I hope justice, whatever it may be in this case, prevails. If a cover up took place, the people responsible for it should lose their jobs. I've heard several conflicting stories about what actually happened. Who knows what really went down? Hopefully, the truth will come out. However, we don't need B-list celebrities making things worse for everyone involved. Apparently, Spike Lee and Roseanne Barr will do anything to try and revive their lackluster careers.

Roseanne Barr tweets George Zimmerman's parents' correct address

Here is a grandstanding politician from Illinois using the Rayvon Martin tragedy to highlight his opposition to racial profiling...


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