Friday, August 5, 2011

Einstein draws a primary

A Federal judge did in one day what the entire Erie County Legislature couldn't do in six months. New district lines will be created to have the legislature go from 15 to 11 useless members. This means Tim "Einstein" Whalen, the handpicked candidate of the South Buffalo entitled class, will have to face Thomas Mazur of Cheektowaga in a cross town Mick/Polack primary...

Democrats Thomas J. Mazur of Cheektowaga and Timothy J. Whalen of South Buffalo would have to face off in a district covering the western half of Cheektowaga and part of South Buffalo.

Unfortunately, this means newcomers cannot enter the primary. However, that doesn't mean bloggers can't put their stamp on the race. I will be making every possible effort to meet with Mazur and try to get him a few South Buffalo votes. The "South Buffalo Team" is nothing more than career political families, who don't give a rat's ass about the neighborhood (most don't even live in the city). While we're driving up South Park or down Seneca Street or getting our cars vandalized on McKinley Parkway, they're enjoying the summer at their luxurious cottages (paid for by our tax dollars) or down in Florida for the winter. When they tell you the Whalens and the Keanes have been good for South Buffalo, they really mean the Whalens and the Keanes have been good to the Whalens and Keanes. Don't be fooled by these professional burglers. They want competition. They're going to get it. If you live in South Buffalo, I urge you to join a real South Buffalo team and vote for Mazur.

Federal court judge imposes 11 new legislative districts


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