Thursday, August 25, 2011

Restaurant review: Wayside Restaurant

I got an anonymous text yesterday saying the Ninja wanted to meet me at the Wayside Restaurant on South Park Avenue to discuss yesterday's earthquake as well as the situation over in Libya. I accepted, as saying no to one of the ninja's couriers could get you killed.

Having served Prime Ministers and Kings, the Ninja knows good food and good service when he sees it. I broke away from my usual turkey dinner and decided to go with a fish fry. The fish, french fries, and potato salad were out of this world. This and the turkey dinner are my traditional favorites. It doesn't say on the menu, but you can order a half of a fish fry, which was more conducive to my current diet. My famous counterpart went with the roast beef and mashed potatoes, which drew a rare compliment from his eminence. The service, which can be hit or miss sometimes, was very good.

It was also clean. If there's one thing that upsets the Ninja and myself it's flies or bugs in the restaurant. It's an automatic reduction of at least one letter grade. How can you eat with those things buzzing around your head? If I owned a restaurant, the food would be terrible, however, there would be bug spray at the first sign of fruit flies or any other flying insect.

I don't know how the owners of the Wayside serve as many people as they do (the place was packed at 7PM as it often is). They serve terrific food at very reasonable prices. Also, they have been family owned for over 20 years. The ninja is giving the Wayside an A and he doesn't give out A's easily.

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