Wednesday, August 17, 2011

GA Family Services

GA Family Services

In 1886, GA Family Services started as an orphanage for the children of Swedish immigrants. In the 1960's, needs changed and it became a safe haven for local children from at risk homes.

If you've ever seen a news story on the children of Father Baker, you know how much of a difference services like it made in the lives of many. It's always great to see people become productive citizens after coming out of turbulent situations. And these situations might come about due to a variety of reasons, often times out of the child's control.

My friend and South Buffalo Soccer parent Maggie Riccardi-Dryer is very involved in GA Services. Perhaps you've even seen their commercial on local television. Maggie, a former South Buffalo resident, has a wonderful family, yet takes the time to help others not so fortunate. Their offices are located at 1293 Union Road in West Seneca. If you've ever thought about becoming a foster parent, I encourage you to visit their website at or call them at 1-877-674-4237. The whole certification process takes about 12 weeks. We often hear professional athletes referred to as heroes, but if you ask me, people like Maggie (and others like her) are the real heroes. Here is the GA Family Services Facebook page:
I would encourage everyone to "Like" them on Facebook as this is a very worthy cause...


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