Monday, August 22, 2011

Channel 4's dirty little secret

Here's a picture of Joe with Victoria Hong (with the outfit she's wearing, I hope for her sake, she's on drugs, too)

I'm surprised channel 4 was able to keep this story under wraps for three years. Anchor man Joe Arena left his previous job in Louisiana after being arrested on drug charges.

Hey, I don't start rumors. I just help spread them. Here are some comments from a blog I found on the subject of Arena's arrest. From these comments, it appears as though St. Joseph isn't doing much to improve his image around town. Remember, nothing gets past your neighborhood Blogger...

-I live in Western New York.
I saw Joe Arena on Delaware and Allen last night acting a fool!
He was cursing and yelling walking down the street. Caused a huge scene. and could barely walk he was so drunk.

-Not only did he get busted, but he's a narc too! Charges "taken care of".... YEA! I wonder who he ratted on to get out of trouble?

-What a r*****! I see him out high as hell all the time. Won't be long till Buffalo's finest catch up with him.

-I think Al Vaughters should look into this...

OK, so Joe, Mike Cejka, and Don Paul walk into a bar... Never mind. Here's the link...

Here's some footage of Joe saying "I do" to one of South Buffalo's Lewis girls. She's nice, so I hope it was only pot he was caught with...



  1. Everyone knows.about this so why didnt the news pick up on it? Politics as usual and the Lewis girl should know better,Italians are snakes!!!

  2. Why are you are obsessed with other people's lives so much? All you do is gossip about people, you are no different than the same people you talk about all the time. Blog about something that matters other than people's lives and share your opinion on an actual subject that matters to people.

  3. I have to disagree with you. I am very different than the people I write about. For example, I don't do drugs and I rarely drink.

    I write often times about members of the entitled class. These are people who don't stand for anything. They support whoever they are TOLD to to further their lives/careers.

    I am far from perfect. That is true. However, I've extended the olive branch to people in this group before, but they aren't interested in peace. As I've said before, it must be competition they're after and I flat out love to compete.