Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Which is it Lou?

Don't say I didn't warn you about this guy. The mainstream media might not hold these clowns accountable, but we do around here. Please watch this short clip carefully. Buffalo School Board President Lou Petrucci tells a WIVB reporter how he and the school board are dead set against creating a position for a new administrator for the six failing Buffalo schools. But just a few days ago, Pinocchio told a WGRZ reporter how badly the position was needed! Obviously, Phil Rumore had a talk with him between interviews.

It's so funny how Petrucci changes his views based on what he is told to do. A month ago, he voted in favor of giving Folasade Longlastname a ridiculously generous buyout. After the public's understandable outrage, Petrucci had the nerve to speak out against the buyout. Dude. You voted in favor of it! Come on, Dave McKinley. Put a camera in this guy's face and ask him how he can be so hypocritical?


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