Sunday, August 7, 2011

High Pants' disciple


From Bob McCarthy's column in today's Buffalo News...

• As South Buffalo’s Mark Schroeder cleans out his Assembly desk while awaiting coronation as Buffalo’s next comptroller, South Council Member Mickey Kearns and Lackawanna Mayor Norm Polanski are mentioned as possible successors. But Chris Fahey, an aide to Congressman Brian Higgins and part of a well-known South Buffalo family, is also laying the groundwork for an Assembly bid, according to knowledgeable sources. The bet here is that if Higgins wants Fahey to inherit his old seat in the Assembly, it will happen.

Remember, they don't want to leave it up to the voters. Fahey is another entitled, do-nothing follower, incapable of original thought. McCarthy is 100% correct, though. As soon as Higgins tells the mindless committeemen who to support, they will do so with no questions asked. We know Fahey is good at taking two hour lunches with Bonnie "Garbage Tax" Kane-Lockwood and we know he's never worked a non-appointed, non-political job in his life. But can he lead? It says here he will be coronated by Higgins and get the post. However, I think Kearns can beat him in a one on one primary.


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