Sunday, August 28, 2011

Restaurant review: Pasquales

The Ninja called a special meeting this weekend to convey this message: Newsman beware! The ninja is not happy with his newspaper delivery being stopped and is preparing to draw his sword.

The ninja and I ventured into Sheila Meegan country and met at Pasquales Restaurant on Seneca Street. After the good meals we had at the Wayside the other night, it would be a tough challenge to find anything better. However, Pasquales did not disappoint. The ninja requested extra ice in his soda (as is his custom) and commented positively on the bubbles upon it's arrival. Flat or warm pop at a restaurant will get you no better than a C with him. It's like starting your road test without putting the seat belt on. Bad move.

The bread came out very hot and the ninja was pleased. He made a comment about the silverware being clean and how the plates and glasses were superior to the Waysides. The ninja likes his spaghetti the same way he likes his women: hot. Again, he was very pleased with his meal. He described the sauce as "tasty" and commented favorably on the large portion sizes. Our waitress was excellent. We both commented on the fact that Pasquales seems to have a low turnover rate among staff. She was very busy, but checked on us often. Due to my caffeine addiction, refills are very important to me. The ninja was not as concerned about this, however. Caffeine is one of the few addictions he does not possess.

The ninja returned from the bathroom. (This man is so serious about these reviews that he even grades the restrooms). He said it was very clean. He described the Wayside as an A-. We love that place. However, Pasquales is an A, according to ninja, because of it's cleanliness and classiness. The silverware, glasses, clean bathrooms, and great service make it almost the perfect place to dine. A


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