Monday, August 15, 2011

Do we really want to send this guy to Albany?

According to Artvoice Magazine, Mickey Kearns, Norman Polanski, and Chris Fahey are all interested in Mark Schroeder's Assembly seat. Fahey, an aide to Congressman "High Pants" Higgins,
is the candidate the entitled class is trying to push down our throats. However, according to the article, Polanski might have the inside track...

• The Democratic Party’s executive committee will likely choose the party’s candidate for the seat of Assemblyman Mark Schroeder, which Schroeder is resigning to run unopposed for City of Buffalo comptroller. South District Councilman Mickey Kearns was rumored to be standing in line for that seat, per Charlie King’s peace deal, but Kearns does not have enough executive committee or district committee support to guarantee his selection. Some of Kearns’s allies are urging him instead to mount a primary challenge to Congressman Brian Higgins next year.

Chris Fahey, an aide to Higgins, has also been mentioned as a successor to Schroeder, but Higgins also lacks sufficient influence on the executive committee. A more probable winner is Lackawanna Mayor Norm Polanski, who has expressed interest in the seat and has supporters on the executive committee.

Kearns vs Higgins in a primary? I think Kearns would face an uphill battle in such a race. The first thing any prospective candidate needs to do is check in and pay homage to their local Blogger before they enter any race. People send me photos all the time. Pictured below is Chris Fahey not looking very Assemblydential...
South Buffalo/Lackawanna residents need to ask themselves whether this is the guy they want to send to the fraternity-like atmosphere that is Albany (see Sam Hoyt). Of course, if Congressman Higgins gets his way, the choice will never be presented to the voters (just like it wasn't with Jeff Conrad, Tim "Horton's" Kennedy, Tim "Einstein" Whalen, or any other member of the Higgins' Hitler Youth)...

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  1. Kearns doesn't stand a chance against Higgins because of the simple fact he hasn't done anything except oppose the Mayor and everyone else on every issue. The biggest thing Kearns has done is run for Mayor. He is all about advancing HIS career and not South Buffalo. It's amazing that he thinks he is owed that seat, in 5 years he has made no allies so why does he think any other politician will support him. I was a big fan, but now he seems to be no different than Kennedy and Whalen.