Thursday, August 18, 2011

Quotes from Dr. Williams fallout

After reading today's paper regarding Dr. Williams' resignation, I was struck by two of the most ridiculous quotes I've heard in a long time.

"James Williams is a household name all over the country. I've received hundreds of calls. I'm very well respected," he said. "I'm leaving with dignity. I'm leaving with happiness -- with a resume that would stand up against anyone who's sat in this seat in the history of Buffalo."

Is this guy for real?Household name? As in, can you believe how long they kept that imbecile, James Williams, in Buffalo on the job? Williams was already a household name when the Dayton, Ohio School Board fired him for running their district into the ground six years ago. He will be remembered for his famous retort whenever he wanted to duck a serious issue, "It's all about the children."

Not to be outdone in this article was this classic from Lou "Pinocchio" Petrucci:

Later in the meeting, two board members praised the superintendent's service.

"Dr. Williams has been here for the children of the City of Buffalo for six years," Board President Louis J. Petrucci said.

Come on, Pinocchio. Williams is almost as incompetent as you. It was great listening to Carl Paladino on the radio today. His information had Williams telling Petrucci the exact financial terms of his settlement. Petrucci's response to Williams? Yes, sir. Whatever you say, sir. Would you like more money, sir? Unbelievable. Hopefully, the school parents will wake up and Pinocchio will be next. He's clearly a complete tool for Phil Rumore.



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