Friday, August 12, 2011

Infamous TV characters: Larry from Three's Company

Jack Tripper: Larry, haven't you ever thought of telling a girl the truth?
Larry: Well, I figure, anyone who gets up an hour early to put on eyeliner, fake eyelashes, and plastic nails isn't someone who wants to hear the truth.

Larry was the used car salesman/swinger who lived upstairs of Jack, Janet, and Chrissy on the TV show Three's Company. He liked to hang out at the Regal Beagle and lie about his career to whatever skank happened to be hanging out there that night. I have to question his prowess with the ladies, though. He lived upstairs of Suzanne Somers, yet seemed to spend more time with Jack and Mr. Roper. They're thinking about making a spinoff of Three's Company, where Larry and Mr. Furley are is forced to register as convicted sex offenders and become roommates. Financial problems force them to move back into the old apartment, which happens to be next door to two schools and a daycare center.

In this clip Larry explains his last name is Dalliapoulas. He says he shortened it to Dallas, claiming he could never spell Dalliapoulas. Here is Larry and his big Greek family helping Jack (again, helping Jack-not Chrissy or even Janet) with his new restaurant...

Threes Company - Larry's Greek Family from Ari Kalos on Vimeo.


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