Monday, August 22, 2011

Petrucci gave Dr. Williams sweetheart deal to retire

Lou "Pinocchio" Petrucci is selling out the taxpayers once again, pictured here with fellow liar Ray McGurn and the blue headed guy from the William Kennedy Smith trial.

Channel 2 reports that school board president Lou Petrucci has given Dr. James Williams much more than he was entitled to to retire. In exchange for $10,000, Dr. "It's all about the children" Williams will agree to answer the phone for the next six months. How can Petrucci and the rest of the board even conceive of doing this at a time when they are laying off teachers and increasing class sizes? Petrucci is flat out incompetent and should be removed. We are calling on the control board to shoot down this ill conceived buyout plan...

BUFFALO, N.Y. -- 2 On Your Side has confirmed that a deal struck between the Buffalo School Board and outgoing Superintendent Dr. James Williams would give him more money than his contract required.

A source with direct knowledge of the negotiations says Dr. Williams would receive $110,000 (or six months salary) as stipulated by his contract's no fault termination clause, even though he ended up retiring before he was terminated.

The agreement, which has not yet been released by the legal department, would also give Dr. Williams $10,000 for "consulting fees", according to the source. Dr. Williams would receive that money for "agreeing to answer his phone" for the next 6 months, we're told.

The source said Dr. Williams would also receive "around $8,000" in unused vacation time.

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  1. Petrucci is nothing but a South Buffalo boot licker!