Tuesday, August 2, 2011

William's Town

William Boyland Jr. is among Assembly leaders with the most absences this year.
Sadly, I don't think this Assemblyman from Brooklyn is the exception. Most of these "leaders' literally do nothing at work. You can't tell me Tim "Hortons" Kennedy is working any harder than this guy...

ALBANY - Embattled Brooklyn Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. wasn't focused on his job even when he did bother to show up.

Boyland, among Assembly leaders with the most absences this year, spent much of the time he visited Albany playing Facebook game in which users create their own city.

A comparison of Boyland's Facebook activity with Assembly records found the ethically challenged lawmaker, who faces federal corruption charges, was tending to his virtual William's Town as lawmakers were debating key issues, the Capitol newspaper first reported.

On the day the Assembly debated rent regulations, Boyland posted on his Facebook wall that he needed "donuts to fuel hungry cops" and that the food was necessary "to apprehend the bandits."

Boyland, the Capitol found, logged onto CityVille at least seven times while the Assembly was in session that day, June 21.

The worst part is that this knucklehead, like Kennedy, will probably be reelected...
Brooklyn politician with multiple absences glued to Facebook game CityVille during trips to Albany

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