Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Whalen might as well start cleaning out his office now

Not since the days of Benedict Arnold, has someone betrayed their own people like Tim Whalen. Whalen jumped ship and sided with the Republicans of the Erie County Legislature for personal gain.

What a great move by Democratic chairman Len Lenihan. Faced with having to downsize the Erie County Legislature from 15 to 11 members, Lenihan is working behind the scenes to get rid of three turncoats (including South Buffalo's Tim "Einstein" Keane-Whalen)...

But some situations are abundantly clear, especially in Democratic Headquarters, where several sitting Democrats are expected to face long odds because of their past cooperation with Republican County Executive Chris Collins. They include Chairwoman Barbara Miller-Williams of Buffalo, Timothy J. Whalen of Buffalo and possibly Christina W. Bove of West Seneca.

Whalen, meanwhile, faces the double whammy of facing Democratic incumbent Thomas J. Mazur in a new district dominated by Mazur's longtime turf in Cheektowaga.

Forty years of ass-kissing and prostituting himself to the Democratic Party won't help Whalen this time. I don't know how many enemies Mazur has in Cheektowaga, but I can tell you one South Buffalo Blogger (with a very active pen) who will be doing everything he can to help get him a few votes in this neck of the woods. I'll take one of those huge signs for my lawn. I also have a mailing list one mile long of 1,500 South Buffalo residents, that hasn't been used in awhile.I don't like to use it, but I think desperate times call for desperate measures. Goodnight Tim Whalen. It's time to go...

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