Monday, August 29, 2011

The rooster's picks

I met with the mysterious rooster the other day underneath the windmills in Lackawanna. He summoned me there to give his preseason NFL picks for 2012. While wondering where Mac Gavis is, the rooster predicted Dan Fouts, Chuck Muncie, Kellen Winslow, and the San Diego Chargers will defeat Terry Bradshaw, Lynn Swann, Jack Lambert, and the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC Championship. So you might as well put away your terrible towels.

He also predicts the Green Bay Packers, led by Depew's own Polish Rifle Don Majkowski, will defeat the Detroit Lions in the NFC Championship, despite 275 yards rushing from Barry Sanders. In the big game, he has John Jefferson catching two touchdowns and the Chargers defeating the Packers. I personally think the Packers will be out for blood this year. They are the Super Bowl champions and everyone (except the rooster) is writing them off.

Remember, the rooster correctly pointed out the Pack making it the Super Bowl last season. As long as Philadelphia doesn't make the playoffs, I'll be happy. I can't believe the people who were upset about Michael Vick being discouraged from coming to Buffalo by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Who cares? He can run, but he can't hit the side of a barn with his passes. His accuracy is horrible and he's no leader. They can have him. Expect what skills he has to erode soon anyway. Bum.

***As an added bonus, the rooster predicts the South Buffalo Saints will defeat the Stingray Angels for the Tyro Bowl...



  1. hey can i use the rooster pic for a project?

    1. i just took it from a google search. it's not mine.

    2. oh.. ok. i was worried about copyrights and stuff...