Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Campus West is the best

Today's protest in the Buffalo Public School system is brought to you by Carubba Collision. Trust your car to Carubba Collision. Dr. Williams and Ralph Pornandez look like deer caught in headlights yet again. This time, it's for their foolish plan to move students from another successful school to one of their dumping grounds (The Grabiarz School of Excellence)-A school so "excellent" the people who sub there seek immediate therapy and vow never to return again. It's always a great idea when you lead a failing school system to tell all the teachers they stink and to disband the few schools that are successful. Tomorrow's protest will be at Da Vinci High School, (whom the suits want to move to Burgard.) Lou-I've already told the 15 or so parents I know from Da Vinci not to trust you, and that you talk out of both sides of your mouth. Paging Dr. Williams, paging Dr. Williams: The last train to Memphis leaves at midnight. Take the entire school board and your overpaid staff with you...



  1. Dr Williams is doing a good job. That is, the job he was hired to do by M&T CEO Bob Wilmers: Bust the union, destroy the system, make them money through charter schools and school reconstruction. Check out his resume
    and tell me why anyone would hire this guy even as a greeter at Wal-Mart.
    What Lou Petrucci is going to get out of this I don't know, but I know what Jack Coyle got for hiring this "force of destruction".

  2. hahaha. exactly. i can tell you this. Lou has a very large imagination. he publicly announces he's on our Board of Directors for S Bflo soccer when i can assure you he is not. Lou is looking to improve things for Lou and will prostitute himself cheaper than most people I know. You're right. wasn't Jack Coyle quoted as saying Williams was a great hire? I wonder if he would stand by this quote today.