Sunday, February 6, 2011

Nevilly Court Legacy Project

Pictured above is an artists' rendition of the proposed Nevilly Court Legacy Project

I know many people have questions about Councilman Kearns' proposed Youth sports/educational center. It will consist of a multi use outdoor synthetic turf field adjacent to an indoor educational center.

The indoor facility is not a place for parents to send their kids. It is a place for good parents to accompany their children through positive educational and recreational activities. I believe the community deserves a facility like this. Here is an excerpt of an article written by Glenn Gramigna from WNY on the proposed project...


No one can doubt that, in the end, WNY's future success or failure will depend on the educational and personal achievements of today's children. Yet, where do we go to find the solutions to the difficulties of a generation of kids who, very often, find no supervision when they get home from school in the late afternoons because both parents are working or because there is only one parent present in the home?

While some run away from the problem, South District Common Council Member Mickey Kearns has created a possible solution in the form of the Nevilly Court Improvement Project.

"Imagine a new youth athletic center at the gateway to South Park that will be open till midnight and offer kids hours of opportunities for supervised athletic activity," says Kearns. "Imagine a new center that includes three basketball court gymnasiums complete with locker rooms, weight rooms, and fields for football, baseball, and soccer equipped with snythetic turf that will not require a lot of maintenance and can be used all year round. This is the project we are working on, seeking to attract, not only money from the City of Buffalo but also from private foundations, including the NFL Foundation."

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  1. There could be many good things that come from this project if they approach it right. Studies done at UB show that boys with adhd and there dads interacting on sports fields is a postive therapy approach.

    Also another thing to consider is having parenting classes because there really are some cluless people. Like the neighbor I had who let there 6 year old play with fireworks and let him play in the street all the time. Believe it or not a lot of parents don't read or sing to there kids too and studies show that a parenting class that teaches parenting skills can be beneficial. Many parents blame it on working but enslaved jews building pyramids in ancient Egypt had less time and they still were parents.

    Also some kind of parent child imagination encouragement program would be a good idea.

    Also if they wanted to add a playground, indoor or outdoor, check out They offer grants and stuff for playplaces.

  2. "Many parents blame it on working but enslaved jews building pyramids in ancient Egypt had less time and they still were parents."

    I agree. Today, some people's idea of "parenting" is plopping their kids in front of a TV or other electrical device. This would be a great investment in the community, in my opinion.