Monday, February 28, 2011

Friends in low places

Andrew Cuomo talked about being a reformer, while he was making his eloquent speeches during the campaign for governor. The speeches must have been really good, since many people fell hook, line, and sinker. Now, we're finding out, honest Andrew has placed several people from the same special interest groups he railed against, in powerful cabinet positions. Go figure. From the Associated Press...

The Democrat, and son of former Gov Mario Cuomo, is taking heat for some of the longtime friends who have grown up with him in New York and are running the some of the special interests that he has vowed to rein in as Albany's fiscal and ethical top dog.

The New York Times last week focused on the man many call Cuomo's best friend, under a headline jarring to someone calling himself a reformer: "Advising Cuomo, Taking Health Industry's Pay." He is Jeffrey Sachs of Sachs Consulting, but he doesn't register as a lobbyist, a step that would require disclosure of his clients to the state Public Integrity Commission.

Andrew's even recruited some scumbags from his father's administration, who happen to double as CEO's for the health care industry...

Michael Dowling worked in Cuomo's father's administration and now is CEO of the North Shore LIJ Health system. "I know their perspectives. Everyone has perspectives."

Some have a problem with that, including the Center for Justice and Democracy, a medical consumer group critical of Cuomo's Medicaid task force.

"It is clear for all to see that Mr. Sachs was influencing state policy to the benefit of paying clients,"

All these revelations are very shocking. Where is the New York Post's Fred Dicker on this? Has anyone seen Fred Dicker? Congratulations to those of you dumb enough to think Andrew was serious about reform. You got what you deserve... - NY Gov. Cuomo has put friends in high places*


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