Thursday, February 10, 2011 Boehner told Lee to stop partying so much

It looks like the Christopher Lee shirtgate story on Gawker might have been just the tip of the iceberg. If you think an egomaniac like Lee resigns over a shirtless photo and marital infidelity alone, you're probably the reason people like him keep getting elected. Apparently, House speaker John Boehner was quoted in a article telling members of his flock they needed to stop partying so much with female lobbyists. What does Boehner expect? Most lobbyists in our current system(male and female) are whores. Most politicians in our current system(male and female) are whores. What do whores do when they get together? Here's a clue: It aint pretty...

We're lucky that the rest of our Western New York Representatives are leading upstanding lives. They are the All-American boys and girls they claim to be, aren't they?
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I keep hearing that someone's going to punch me in the mouth one of these days (usually secondhand from cowards who worship the entitled class and aspire to be one of them). I can't wait for this to happen. I'm so excited. The only problem is I've been hearing it for almost two years and I'm still waiting. I can tell you this. It's not my intent to break up families. I'm in a great mood 99% of the time, despite some tough times, lately. However, I know I'm going to wake up in a bad mood one of these days. When it happens, I can't be responsible for who I hurt with my writing. If I know something to be true, I have no problem discussing it with the 1,500 people a week who choose to read my prophesies (hahahaha). As I've said before, Don't worry about me. I'm a nobody. I'm just a coach. It's not like I have access to thousands of South Buffalo residents or anything. I have a feeling when the Christopher Lee story broke yesterday, there were other people in his position more nervous than he. More to come on that later. Oh what a tangled web we weave...


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