Thursday, February 17, 2011

Nevilly Court meeting this Saturday

I just wanted to remind those of you with kids involved in sports: the meeting for the Nevilly Court Athletic/Educational Center will be this Saturday at 10AM at Bishop Timon High School (Mckinley Parkway).

Councilman Kearns will be going over the project in detail. Some of the neighbors are against the project. I don't begrudge them, as they live in the area and should have a say in the project. What I do have a problem with is a small minority of people living outside the neighborhood who have opposed the project. They are not opposing it based on any principle. They are opposing it in an effort to endear themselves to the mayor. These people are not representative of the community at large. They are political opportunists looking to gain favor with our mayor (who incidentally couldn't find South Buffalo on a map). I encourage everyone to bring their kids and call your neighbors and have them bring their kids. Be heard.


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