Saturday, February 26, 2011

Carl on Donn Esmonde

I for one am glad to see Carl Paladino is mad as hell towards The Buffalo News' Donn Esmonde. Esmonde is clearly a foul ball who doesn't speak for the citizens of Buffalo. He speaks for a select group of hoity toities from the North Buffalo/Elmwood Village neighborhoods, that still think school busing was a great idea.

Esmonde in one of his columns, defended a teen who held up a liquor store at gunpoint, because the teen happened to be poor. He showed a complete disregard for the clerk working behind the counter who had a gun pointed in his face (who was probably also poor). That's the difference between Esmonde and people who know what it means to get their hands dirty. I've highlighted in color my favorite lines from Paladino's message to Donny...

You are bi-polar and the lapdog of Stan Evans
and Stan Lipsey.

You constantly write about how we don't need parking downtown and should support mass transit but you drive to work from North Buffalo everyday and park in your private parking lot on State land set aside specially by the Thruway Authority for Stan Lipsey.

You go on and on about promoting tourism and the cultural heritage of our area. Then you insult and attack our largest export partners because one of your bartender friends didn't get a tip. We would not have the Sabres but for our Canadian friends and you certainly don't speak for our community.

You express total shock and disgust when Chris Lee has a bad day. You're a hypocrite. You should have learned long ago that those who live in glass houses should not throw stones, because even you have another side which some of us are well aware of.

You write over 35 articles bashing Bass Pro, Larry Quinn and the Canal Side plan in our city's only newspaper and dribble on that it's the will of the people when a bunch of do-nothing blowhards bring a frivolous lawsuit against the project. Your short memory blames Bass Pro for backing out when in fact it was the ultimatum of our city's incompetent congressman Brian Higgins and the silly living wage nonsense in City Hall that put Johnny Morris's back to the wall, 30 days out from a final deal.

Why don't you just say to the people that you were instructed by the sneaky and spineless Stan Lipsey to kill the Bass Pro deal because Lipsey doesn't want the project next to his building? Conflict? Deja Vous? It sounds like the domed football stadium deal when Mrs. Butler pushed it out of downtown? Mark my words that the one-acre hole in the ground 3 stories deep will still be there 10 years from now.

Lipsey's career is over. He's washed up. He has no legacy. He now has his ace reporter Jim [the worm] Heaney all in a fluster ordered to defame and write more trash on me. That's typical Lipsey. He can't dig himself out of this hole because I don't particularly care what he wants to print and the people see right through it anyhow. The people in this community despise him and his rag newspaper.

Maybe you should take a break Donn. All the pressures of being the "voice of Buffalo" throughout Buffalo's years of decline must take its toll. Time means nothing to you and you are clueless of what our community needs. You're on your way out as your paper works its way to extinction. And by the way, tell Heaney to crawl back under his rock.

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  1. Here's a great example of just what a stooge for the establishment this conceited, arrogant, know-it-all, Donny boy is. Remember when his masters at the Snooze were still pissed off at Jimmy Griffin--so much so that they were desperate to do anything they could to bolster the image of that dumber than dirt numbskull, Tony Masiello? I mean, at that time, every article that corrupt fishwrap wrote had some sort of positive spin for Tony the dope. This was, of course, before the middle of Tony the dope's final third term, when they finally switched gears and viciously turned on him. Anyway, Masiello already had two terms in at this time, 8 years by this point, and I distinctly remember an article this jerk wrote toting Masiello as doing the best he could, and we the voting public all needed to "give guy a break, because he's only been in that difficult job for 8 years now, and there's a lot to learn." I couldn't believe what I was reading at the time! Hello, Donn! Guess what, pal? Brain surgeons learn their profession in less than 8 years. A Ph.D. in Astrophysics takes a little less than 8 years to complete. If your dumb friend can't learn how to be an effective mayor of a medium sized city in 8 years, guess what? He's too stupid to be mayor. Right then, after reading that, I knew I was dealing with a biased, pompous ass who thought he had the answers to everything even though he was bought and owned by men far more important than him. This pissant, no matter how high he thought of himself, was so far off base with this analysis I'm still amazed he wasn't laughed at all the way back to Long Island. Even funnier was how quickly he forgot this line of reasoning once his bosses declared war on Masiello. Then the vicious attack articles came out in spades. I wonder what changed Donn's mind so quickly? Either way, the day he came out with his excuses for Dumb Tony piece, I knew then and there that Donn Esmonde was just as corrupt as his bosses down at One News Plaza.