Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I just saw this story about Dawn Schafer, a Buffalo woman ticketed in West Seneca for having an air freshener hanging from her rear view mirror. This is absurd. If this is the only thing she's accused of, the West Seneca Court should send her a letter telling her the police officer made a mistake and not to bother showing up to court. I realize this law is on the books, but it is ridiculous and completely unnecessary. Isn't this the type of stuff the BTK killer Dennis Radar pulled when he worked as a Wichita, Kansas Code Enforcement officer?

This is not Egypt. We have no desire to live in a police state. This constitutes harassment in my opinion. This woman had somewhere to go and was needlessly pulled over and ticketed because someone obviously took himself way too seriously. Does this police officer realize the tough financial times most of us are living in? The next time he is complaining about his pay or benefits, he shouldn't expect any sympathy from motorists like the woman in this clip. This overzealous cop makes all level headed police officers look bad through his careless actions. If there's more to the story, then we'd like to hear it...

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  1. ... meanwhile... real criminals walk the streets unfettered..