Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bring Your Gun to School Day at Riverside

An 18 year old Sophomore (high achieving by Buffalo school standards) was found to have a loaded gun in his locker today at the Riverside School of Excellence High School...

Dr. Williams has the whole situation under control. He's going to treat the youth to a free meal at The Buffalo Chophouse (just like he did a few years back with the Performing Arts' students who attacked their teacher.)

The No Child Left Behind Act is really quite ridiculous. It might be time to start leaving a few of them behind. Then, the rest will learn from them and not be brought down to their level. Disrespect and lack of discipline are the two biggest problems facing the Buffalo Public School system today. Someone told me today, in Israel, if a student is disrespectful in school, they send them to jail. Here, they tell them about all their rights and give them a three day vacation.

I do feel bad that an 18 year old is a Sophomore and feels so unsafe that he has to carry a gun with him to school. However, I feel worse for the 15 year old girl who has to sit next to him in class. It's no wonder people can't wait to move their families out of the city. Things would change if we had more teachers like the guy in this clip...

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