Friday, February 11, 2011

Hispanic dwarf on the loose

Our DC correspondent Alberto made me aware of this story. Police in Washington DC alerted the community they were looking for a "Hispanic midget" and "possible Hispanic dwarf" after another man was shot recently. From the Washington Post...

Nine days later, Henry Chavez, officially listed at 3 feet 11 inches tall and 85 pounds, is still on the lam. Montgomery County authorities say he shot a man outside a Silver Spring residence, which occurred 2½ years after Chavez was caught selling crack cocaine and driving with a dagger in the center console of his red Thunderbird.

It's a sad story when you consider Chavez had been trying to get on the right track. He studied Computer Science for three years, before taking off to help his dying father. Chavez said his height has hurt him at job interviews.

Chavez told a judge he had been discriminated against because of his height, even by those impressed by his résumé. "When I got to the interview, they changed their mind, and it hurt," he said.

The article goes on to describe how little people hate the use of the "M" word...

For years, a group called Little People of America has campaigned against use of the word "midget" because it conjures up images of circus performers. Gary Arnold, a group spokesman, said that of the slights he has heard, the police description in the aftermath of the shooting is hardly the worst.


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