Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Missing persons report: Has anyone seen Brian Higgins lately?

Here's a clip of a new artificial turf field being unveiled earlier this year at Riverside High School. The cost? $16 million.Where was Byron Brown then to say the cost was too high for this field? He's standing right behind the other career politicians in this clip smiling like the ignoramus he is. The South District Councilman's funding request of $450,000 for the Nevilly Field project passed the Common Council and survived the mayor's veto. Yet, Brown continues to block it's passage by withholding the bonds for the project.

How come Congressman Brian Higgins, County Legislator Tim Keane-Whalen, and State Senator Tim "Hortons" Kennedy are not rushing to Kearns' defense? They are against the project for one reason-politics. Higgins opposes everything Kearns does because, unlike the other two bozos, he views Kearns as a political threat. Higgins has opposed Kearns since the day Kearns defeated his handpicked stooge in 2005. Kennedy and Whalen do whatever Higgins tells them to do. They're like the stormtroopers in the Star Wars' movies. If you think they are actual leaders, then you really need to get a clue. Their shoes are marked L and R so they know which is which.

If you happen to see Higgins in the district, ask him why he's not fighting for the youth of South Buffalo. Their claims of a high price tag are nothing more than a smokescreen for the real issue- partisan politics. They're not fooling the neighborhood blogger on this one. I encourage all South Buffalo residents with kids involved in youth sports to show up on Saturday, February 19th at Bishop Timon High School at 10AM and send a message to Higgins and mayor Brown that S. Buffalo should not be treated as a second class community. Take back your neighborhood from these knuckleheads...

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