Sunday, February 20, 2011

WECK declares war on Buffalo's phony radio stations

For those of you who don't know (and until recently, I was one of them), there is an alternative to the mundane talk show crap coming out of WGR 550 and WBEN 930. It is WECK 1230. This week, the program director let it be known he was coming after these stations...

WECK 1230 AM, a locally owned radio station with a small audience, is “declaring war” against the area’s two dominant AM stations, both owned by Entercom.

Brad Riter, WECK program director, said in an on-air manifesto that the station is positioning itself as the local, talk-radio alternative to WBEN 930 AM and WGR 550 AM.

“This is me, effectively, as program director of WECK, declaring war on Entercom and corporate radio in Buffalo. We will win. We are little. We are local. We will beat you,” Riter, who was fired by WGR in 2007, said in the 18-minute rant this week.

I hope Riter is right. WBEN is a joke. I didn't think it was possible for anyone to be as un-entertaining as Tom Bauerle. He constantly tries to be funny, yet is anything but. On WGR, local listeners get to listen to the arrogant, pretentious Mike Schopp berate callers for having the nerve to call his show with an opinion. Never mind the fact that this sports talk show host doesn't seem to know the first thing about most of the sports he covers. Both these stations sold out to the national media a long time ago. I wish WECK great success in their future endeavors. I want to audition for John Otto's old overnight slot. I think he was the last entertaining voice we've had in local talk radio. God rest his soul.

Cue the classics...

Someone found a letter you wrote me, on the radio
and they told the world just how you felt
it must have fallen out of a hole in your old brown overcoat
they never said your name
but I knew just who they meant.

Oh, I was so surprised and shocked, and I wondered too
if by chance you heard it for yourself
I never told a soul just how I've been feeling about you
but they said it really loud
they said it on the air

on the radio whoa oh oh
on the radio whoa oh oh
on the radio whoa oh oh
on the radio whoa oh oh now, now

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