Saturday, February 19, 2011

Latest from accident on Seneca St.

After watching the accident on Seneca and Duerstein, it appears two people were in the wrong. The victim was crossing against a green light, which on Seneca Street, is a very unwise thing to do. The driver fled the scene and waited almost an hour before calling the police. How someone could strike another person with their vehicle, and not immediately pull over, is beyond me.

I understand the driver is an elderly woman, which does make me have more sympathy for her. However, I believe her first concern should have been for the victim. If it was you or one of your relatives struck by the car, how would you feel knowing the driver took off and waited an hour before calling the authorities? In any event, Seneca Street remains dangerous for drivers and pedestrians. People drive too fast and often pass you on the right. There are many pedestrians, and people need to be more observant while on this street. The victim should never have crossed against a green light, but the driver should have seen her walk right in front of her car.

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