Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Can you hear me now?

Usually, I view most traffic violations as one big money grab for municipalities. However, when it comes to cell phone violations, I'm all for high fines. Who hasn't gone to a restaurant and heard "that guy" talking on his cell phone like he's on a megaphone? Or those annoying ringtones? Are some people that desperate for attention that we need to hear their Beyonce ringtone go off when we cross paths in a public place?

We went for years without even answering machines or caller ID. There are very few conversations so important that you need to put everyone else's life on the line.
Driving a car and having a phone conversation are two mutually exclusive activities (and should stay that way). Your life is not a video game. The machine you're operating is traveling at a high rate of speed. If you slam into me, we don't have a reset button. Your call to your best friend can wait until the ride home is completed...

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