Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ambulance chaser

Local attorney Steven Cohen has been in the news a great deal lately. In addition to representing Lynne DeJac Peters Cougar Mellencamp, he is also representing the family of Amanda Wienckowski and now the family of a man shot by a police officer (who thought he had a gun)....

Burton was sharply critical of Cohen, who he said “has a penchant” for filing unwarranted lawsuits against Buffalo police officials.

The outspoken Cohen is also the attorney for the family of Amanda Wienckowski, 20, a Kenmore native who was found stuffed into a garbage tote outside a Buffalo church in 2009, and also for Lynn M. DeJac Peters, a Buffalo woman who spent 14 years in prison before an appeals court overturned her conviction in the slaying of her teenage daughter.

Cohen seems to be everywhere these days. In his press interviews, he doesn't seem that bright to me, but what do I know about law? A person of interest in the death of Amanda Wienckowski recently sent a tasteless email to the victim's mother saying Cohen looked like Newman from the TV show Seinfeld. That's one case I'd like to see Cohen get to the bottom of. When you deliver the mail, you control INFORMATION...

I dug this one up from the 80s vault. "Last night, I watched the news from Washington, the capital. The Russians escaped while we weren't watching them. Like Russians do"...

Police officer sued in fatal shooting - City & Region - The Buffalo News

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