Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Four More Years For Downtown Byron Brown

Byron Brown was reelected mayor of Buffalo yesterday after a hard fought Democratic primary against Mickey Kearns. You have to give Brown credit. He did what he had to do and was able to get his base to turn out. To mark the occasion, his son drove him to the victory party in a car he stole earlier in the day on Main and Winspear.

South Buffalo was well represented at the victory party at D'Arcy McGee's. Neighborhood sycophant Marge Ryan was supposed to announce Brown to the crowd but she became injured earlier in the week after patting herself on the back for the 603rd time in the Metro Community News. Brown's speech was abruptly cut short after County Legislator Tim Kennedy rushed the stage and reportedly ate the microphone.

Brown easily wins second term*


  1. in the words of Homer (Simpson): "It's funny cause it's true!"

  2. best sighting: john scanlon sr. handing out bb lit at st. tommies. who knew he was so liberal. hopefully, one of the "grocery getters" will buy the house accross the street from him.

  3. That is too much. The only "beliefs" John Scanlon Sr. has is that he "believes" every one of his underachieving kids is deserving of a political patronage job. That guy forfeited his dignity many years ago.