Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Say No to Retreads

Ex-Gov. Pataki considers returning to NY politics
(AP) – 1 day ago

ALBANY, N.Y. — Former New York Republican Gov. George Pataki says he's considering a return to New York politics, possibly as a U.S. Senate candidate.

Pataki said Monday that New Yorkers already know him well, so he has more time to make a decision.

The Senate seats of Democrats Kirsten Gillibrand and Charles Schumer are up for grabs next year. Gillibrand's is considered more vulnerable.

The 64-year-old Pataki also says fellow Republican Rudy Giuliani is still seriously considering a run for governor.

Pataki was giving the Republican National Committee's response to President Barack Obama's economic appearance to New York.

Pataki says the nation is headed in the wrong direction and needs to focus on creating private-sector jobs.

Albert Einstein said the definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. The same political names keep following us around like bad pennies. George Pataki, Andrew Cuomo, Eliott Spitzer.

Pataki was a bum. A blowhard. We do know you ,George. We know you did nothing for NY State. It was politics as usual. Now, he wants to come back and says he can create private sector jobs. No thanks. Why don't he go create these jobs from the private sector? The answer. He doesn't know squat about creating jobs and is completely full of crap. Don't fall for this carnival barker.

"Honest" Andrew Cuomo? Where have we heard that name before? Oh yeah, his father helped make NY the downtrodden capital of the world. He stunk and I'm sure the leaf didn't fall far from his liberal tree. Here's a testament to his "leadership". They are trying to hand the governorship to him and if he wins, Byron Brown is on his short list to be lieutenant Governor. At least if he wins, we won't have to watch Brown hand out keys to the city to celebrities every other day. How about the citizens that pulled people out of burning cars recently? Where are their keys Urkel?

Spitzer? Please. Go crawl back into your hole client #9. You had your opportunity. You blew it. Anyone that would trust this idiot with their vote should have to take a literacy test before voting. I don't even like seeing news reports about this clown.

Locally, we have borderline disabled state reps Sam Hoyt (son of Bill Hoyt) and Bill Stachowski (son of Stan Stachowski). If these buffoons weren't born into privilege, you would find them at Highway Oil across from McDonald's pumping gas. Hoyt is a spoiled imbecile who didn't deserve to be reelected last year. We all saw his embarrassing emails to his 20 year old intern. Sam, you've done less than nothing nothing for 20 plus years. Quit while you're behind. Stachowski just plain sucks. He's a fool, an embarrassment to WNY. 29 years of incompetence. It amazes me that he continues to get reelected.

Please, we cannot continue to support the same political names. It's time for change. These people know all about tricking the taxpayer and taking care of themselves and their families. What makes you think they will try anything different this time? They are bloodsuckers and need to disappear quickly off of the radar screen. Give us some new names. I think it was the Who that said, "Meet the new boss. He's the same as the old boss." Don't get fooled again.

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