Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Paterson Not Seeking Reelection-You Heard it Here First

The attached article says the embattled David Paterson is still going to run for governor in 2010. He claims that President Obama hasn't "asked him not to run". Spoken like a true leader. Isn't that what all leaders do? They wait until someone asks them to do something. It says here that Paterson is not going to seek reelection. He knows he can't win with his ridiculously low approval ratings. I believe he is using the press to posture for something from Obama. Quite frankly, I think he's trying to make a deal. He knows he has Obama in a tight spot. By publicly calling for his resignation, Obama risks upsetting some in black leadership positions. In a few months, expect Paterson to say he's not seeking reelection so he 'can devote more time to his family'. There's a fancy political term for all of this. It's that Paterson has Obama by the balls. Goodbye, Dave. We hardly knew ya. We won't miss ya.
That will open the door for Sonofmario Cuomo. He has several great qualifications to lead the state. Actually just one, he's the son of someone important. He's currently the state's attorney general. Elliot Spitzer was the attorney general before he became governor and we all know how great that turned out. I just hope it's not Sonofmario vs Wacky Pataki in November 2010. Maybe we'll have better luck and New York state will just sink into the Atlantic Ocean.
Reuters.com - New York Governor Paterson says he's still running http://www.reuters.com/article/email/idUSTRE58J0CW20090920

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