Thursday, September 3, 2009

Short People

I remember hearing this song in 1978. I couldn't believe someone could say so many offensive and mean things. Little did I know, the song was a sarcastic attempt to fight prejudice. In an interview, Randy Newman said the song Short People was meant to mock those people that believed everyone else in society needed to be as perfect (as they thought they were). A bill was introduced in the state of Maryland making it illegal to play the song on the radio. I guess the politicians didn't get Newman's attempt at irony or just felt the need to grandstand. Contrary to popular belief, the bill did not pass. My favorite part of this clip is at about 1:00 when Newman announces a "friendly part coming up." He says short people are just the same as you and I or fools such as I. All men are brothers until the day they die. It's a wonderful world...Great line.

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