Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Superintendent Williams Pretends to be Concerned About Residency

The hypocritical quote of the week comes from Buffalo Schools Superintendent James Williams. He touched on residency in the Buffalo News when discussing why his district would no longer provide busing to the Charter School of Applied Technologies:

School Superintendent James A. Williams responded by issuing a statement Monday supporting the Board of Education’s vote in June to eliminate out-of-city yellow bus service.
“We need to spend our limited resources helping families and children who live and receive their education inside the City of Buffalo,” Williams said. “If we support residency policies to encourage adults to live in and support the city, why would we reverse course and support policies that ship children outside the city?”

Psss... Dr. Williams. This just in. Half of your administration lives in the suburbs.

James Kane-chief of staff Last seen in West Seneca

Mark Frazier-Lead Community Superintendent. Last seen in Hamburg

Dave "Pork chop"-Thomas-Director of Physical Education. Last seen in East Amherst

This doesn't include half of the principals and assistant principals that are known to live in the suburbs. So this is an open invitation for Dr. Williams to ask these people to move back to the city or find another job. We're not holding our breath.

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