Sunday, September 20, 2009

Accident on S. Park Ave.

We could hear the sirens going up and down S. Park Ave from our school on Wednesday afternoon. A 30 year old Sorrento Cheese employee, Sarah Gregory of East Amherst, had been struck by a car. Her leg was completely severed. Two good Samaritans, Edgar King and Peter Taboni, came to her aid. King used his belt as a tourniquet to control the bleeding and possibly saved her life. Before she passed out, Gregory's only concern was for her ten month old infant daughter. King said he believes it was her daughter that gave Gregory the will to live.

I saw another story where King, a retired Chevy worker, broke down and said God put him on this earth to save Gregory's life. Taboni is a former player of mine and I know him to be a credible person. He is quoted in today's paper as saying that excessive speed was a factor. Hats off to both of these guys who could have just waited until the paramedics arrived but chose to get involved and make a difference. Last I heard, Gregory had lost her leg but had been upgraded from critical to stable condition. We're all hoping she continues in her recovery.

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