Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Where's Reverend Sharpton Now?

Does anyone remember a few years ago when the media was coming after the four kids in the Babcock neighborhood for what was called a racially motivated crime? After looking into the facts, it was discovered that the person who was beaten was a drug dealer and was causing all sorts of problems in the neighborhood.

My favorite part of that story was when a busload of bleeding heart white people showed up in the neighborhood to conduct a protest without knowing any of the facts regarding the incident. Neighborhood residents came out and told them "we don't go to your town and tell you how to live. Don't come down here and tell us how to live". They were right.

This brings us back to the recent beating of a white teen on Genessee because he had a black girlfriend. It wasn't a robbery. His cell phone, CD player, and cash were not taken during the attack. If the situation were reversed, and several white kids beat up a black kid for having a white girlfriend, this would have immediately been labeled a hate crime and would have become a national story. Al Sharpton would be here. I hope the detectives get moving and make some arrests in this case.

Course of interracial couple's love is not smooth*

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