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crime stats 8/24-8/30

Monday August 24th

11 Spaulding--threats---threats made over the internet
613 Fulton--Stabbing from 8-23-09---1 arrest--Santos Gonzalez
83 Remington--larceny--Huffy bike stolen from rear yard.
581 Fuhrman--UUV/RUUV--boat stolen and recovered in canal.
96 Wheelock--Burglary--possible suspect listed.
57 Juniata--larceny--bike stolen from porch
S Park/Lockwood--larceny--bike stolen.
435 Bailey--threats--warrant card issued.
57 Barnard--larceny--card collection stolen--possible suspects listed.

Tuesday August 25th

51 Dallas--UUV/RUUV--vehicle recovered with family member
384 b Louisianna--Burglary--hole cut in wall--X-Box,playstation,video games and clothes stolen.
384 a--Louisianna--Crim Mis--damage to empty apartment
38 Spann--larceny--cell phone stolen.
1075 Willaim--Issuing a bad check--warrant card issued.
1111 Fuhrman--Assault--1 arrest--Adam Ross..Craig Dr..N Tonawanda
79 Hamburg--harassment--1 arrest--Randal Burchalewski
32 Weyand---1 arrest--warrant--Michael Weeks
Walter/Seneca---1 arrest--warrant--Joshua Northrup...Pine ave...Perry NY
23 Como--threats--suspect listed.

Wednesday August 26th

21 Alamo--Burglary--suspect listed.
42 Mineral Springs--Burglary--bike stolen
1028 McKinley--larceny--cell phone stolen from break room.
208 Ladner--larceny--cash taken from counter--2 suspects listed.
91 St Johns Parkside--larceny--suspect listed.
106 Spann--Contempt of Court order--warrant card issued.
36 Krakow--harassment--suspect listed.
A District--1 arrest--warrant---Trina Pieczynski--Dover Road,Lakeview NY
267 Marilla--Viol Order of Protection--Suspect listed.
91 St Johns Parkside--Harsssment--1 arrest--Douglas Milligan

Thursday August 27th

2330 seneca--assault--suspect listed.
935 S park--RUUV--
2459 Seneca--1 arrest for Viol order of protection at 267 Marilla---Daniel wagner...Transit..Elma NY
369 S Division--crim mis--2 bb's hit house
Weimar/casimir--V&T/Drugs--2 arrests--David Critoph...Deacon...Orchard Park...Mathew Higgins..Argyle...Orchard Park
391 Chicago--assault--suspect listed
540 Perry--drugs--1 arrest--Cynthia Tallchief..Lincoln Blvd..Kenmore
201 Maurice--ID theft--unk person in Hyde Park,Mass is using victims information
32 Alamo--larceny--lawn mower and snow blower stolen from yard
105 Riverview--Burglary--entry thru back window--jar of coins stolen
6 Yale#6--1 arrest--Contempt of court order--Michael Tchorznicki...Remoleno,also arrest for warrant and child endangering.
157 Colgate--Burglary--house entered and damaged lights,walls.
187 Melrose--UUV
123 Barnard--larceny--money removed from purse...suspect listed.
344 Perry--UUV
1893 Seneca--Burglary--door forced opened.
25 Clemo--crim mis--roof on garage and house damaged by kids.
2133 S Park--shoplifter--W/M,6',heavy,orange shirt,jeans,stole 30 pack beer.
204 Ladner--assaultrest---Ralph Showalter
463 Marilla--assault--suspect listed.

Friday August 28th

2426 S Park--assault--suspect listed.
2426 S park--1 arrest--Disorderly Conduct---Michelle Remington...Rich Pl..Lackawanna
296 Fenton--attempt Burglary--screen cut
Dorothy/Babcock--crim mis--construction item burned
1554 Seneca--UUV
59 Fredro--crim mis--flower boxes damaged.
299 Abbott--larceny--stolen plate.
428 Louisianna--crim mis--rear tire slashed.
56 Gorski--larceny--cell phone,glasses stolen..possible suspect is the front tenant.
29 Cliff--Burglary--back screen cut,stood on garbage tote...did remove X Box360
Seneca/Geary--assault--suspect listed.
1305 Seneca--threats--suspect listed.
A District--1 arrest--warrant--Brian Balone...Scranton st....Hamburg
Louisianna/Stannard alley---drug dealing---Porter Jones,"PJ", 410 sweet st---ran thru projests after making drug deal...wanted by Police.

Saturday August 29th

S Park/Louisianna--Robbery--victim assaulted by 2-4 people--earrings stolen.
1685 S Park--Arson--van set on fire in car lot.
Lorraine/Mercy---larceny--money taken from glove box.
61 Selkirk--larceny--inspection sticker stolen.
1500 Clinton--larceny--jacket,cash,credit card stolen from delivery truck.
1005 Abbott--shoplifter--1 arrest--Michael Woelfle
Como/S Park--threats--2 arrests---Mark Ruhland...Seneca st,Brandon Daughtry...Davey
161 Aldrich--harassment--suspect listed.
23 Junior--crim mis--1 arrest--Rafael Fonsela
32 Huessy--crim mis--broken rear window..suspect listed.
54 S Ryan--crim mis--1 arrest--Mathew Wales
1901 SouthPark(Holy Family)--harassment---1 arrest---Daniel Collins..S Park
117 Fillmore---1 arrest--prostitution...Julie Brady Ideal st
106 Kamper--viol of order of protection--warrant card issued
276 Myrtle---Burglary--door kicked in..
120 Tuscarora--crim mis--door damaged---suspect listed.
193 Eden--crim mis--suspect listed.

Sunday August 30th

77 Newman--larceny--purse and cash stolen from car.
334 Abbott--UUV---vehicle recovered by owner at Oakhurst/Red Jacket Pkwy
111 Frank--Burglary--entry thru window--Dell laptop stolen---suspect listed.
1971 S Park(Wilson Farms)--shoplifter-1 arrest--Dustin Gallagher...Ladner st
1540 Seneca--Accident--1 arrest--DWI---David Mobley...Elsie Pl
94 Leddy--crim mis--windows broken--1 arrest---Mathew McFadden...South Park
367 Cumberland--prowler--1 arrest---Brian Corcoran..Harding Road
995 Abbott--larceny --darts and change stolen from car.
19 Fairview--threats--suspect listed.
1846 S park--crim mis--suspect did damage bike and Bristro set.
A District-- 1arrest--warrant--Shawn Sweeney..S Park..Lackawanna
1895 Clinton--assault--warrant card issued.
699 McKinley--threats--Ex Boyfriend threatening to harm victim.

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