Monday, September 14, 2009

I Hope People Are Listening To Carl Paladino

You'll hear leaders say, "he's crazy." That's what the critics like to say whenever they perceive someone as a threat to their seat on the status-quo gravy train. I can assure you Carl Paladino is not crazy. He's just a self made guy who doesn't need any of these politicians and wants to leave a lasting legacy of change on this region.

You might remember, Paladino's lawsuit was the impetus for the state deciding to finally tear down the toll booths on the 190. Until then, they said we could not survive without the "revenue". Their favorite buzzword for tax. He also has been an outspoken critic of the Buffalo School Board and Administration.

I ask that you please check out his Unanymous Declaratin of the People of WNY. In it, he's asking people to help overthrow tyrant Byron Brown, Stan Lypsey of the Buffalo News, "honest" Andrew Rudnick of the ridiculous Bflo Niagara Partnership, as well as our two borderline disabled Senators Antoine Thompson and William Stachowski. He's also calling for a two week boycott of the Buffalo News. (That should be easy since most people get their news now from this site anyway.)

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