Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cool Story From Today's Baltimore Sun

A message in a wine bottle washed ashore this week after spending five years and 4,000 miles bobbing across the Atlantic Ocean. It was found by a retired electrician in England. The note reportedly said, "Please help us. Our ship was wrecked in a terrible storm. I am stuck on a remote island with the skipper, a professor, a farm girl, an actress, a millionaire, and his wife. They have come up with some great ideas to get us off of the island but I keep screwing them up. We're running out of food and the professor says he's going to use me in an experiment. I don't like the way the skipper calls me his "little buddy" and I think he might have cannibalistic tendencies." Gilligan.
Md. teen's note in a bottle reaches England 5 years later --

Pam Sutherland, I know you are a fan of the Police. This video is for you.

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