Friday, September 11, 2009

Jean (Zoizack) Becker (1939-2009)

My good friend Kevin Beckers's mom Jean passed away this week from cancer. She was 70 years old. She was born in the Valley but spent most of her life in the St. Teresa's Seneca St. neighborhood. Mrs Becker was very instrumental in starting a hockey program at Cazenovia Park now known as the Southtowns Stars Amateur Hockey Association. She was active with the group from 1972-1988. The association created the Robert Becker award in honor of her husband to honor the league's most valuable player each season. When she was leaving the program in the late 1980s, the other board members voted to give Jean Becker the last award.

You always hear people talk about shopping in your neighborhood. Mrs. Becker could have moved a long time ago but she chose to live the later years of her life on Roanoake Pkwy. She was well known and well liked by her neighbors on Roanoake Pkwy. Roanoake has one of those islands in the middle of it. Each year on Labor Day and Memorial Day, Mrs. Becker would line the island with tiny American flags. She passed away on Sunday. On the following day (Labor Day), neighbors on Roanoake lined the island with the flags as a tribute to her. They say people don't know their neighbors anymore but everyone on Roanoake will always remember Mrs. Becker.

Jean Becker (1939-2009)

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