Monday, September 3, 2012

South District Coronation 10 days away


The primary for South District Council is only 10 days away. The Buffalo News did their annual preview of the candidates yesterday. Abbott Rd. Councilman Christopher Scanlon wants everyone to know he has worked very hard at being handed the seat.  Just like he worked very hard at dropping out of college and getting his DWI. Just like he worked very hard at collecting  signatures to get on the ballot. Oh, wait. Chris couldn't be bothered to collect any signatures. When you're the anointed candidate of the status quo, why would you want to go out and meet the people? He was probably very busy with all the college courses he wasn't taking...

His opponents noted that he did not circulate any of his own petitions.

"I didn't want to go out and collect petitions and have these people think this is the only time they were going to see me, so I decided not to," he said.

Well, Chris. You see, if you're an active Councilman, this won't be the only time they see you. But, I'm sure they'll see you when you're cutting some stupid ribbon with Byron Brown or at some other feel good event. Otherwise, they'll probably never see you. 

Fortunately, for Abbott Rd. Councilman Scanlon, three other people are vying for the seat, making it a virtual slam dunk for the machine backed candidate. Add to it the fact that Mickey Kearns and Matt Fisher sold out their community (along with their principles) and the race should be Scanlon's to lose. Now, South Buffalo has a rubber stamp for the mayor who will sit back and collect a $50,000/yr paycheck, while sharpening pencils in city hall. Yawn...........
Democratic primary is Sept. 13 for four vying for South Council seat


  1. Beside pointing out Chris Scanlon's faults, The Buffalo News did the race another favor by endorsing Kevin Lafferty for the seat.

  2. I know your not a Matt Fisher fan ( everyone entitled to their opinion) and he may have sold out to be insured a job dangled at him with benefits for his large family...who else do you think is in the field running things and showing "Prince Scanlon " all about the job.He's keeping: things running .The Buffalo " Snooze" yesterday reports all the fine things the "little prince" is doing but he hasnt had a thing to do with them...Guess who is the "leg man" for all of this.You know Scanlon wouldnt have a clue. At least Matt has been paid to "keep the lights on" We'd be in more dire straits in South Buffalo if Chris Scanlon had the wheel. I cant see a good outcome in this race at all. Scanlon will be a puppet and the rest will fall victim to the sword of the status quo....Your thoughts????

    1. To me, these positions are all irrevelant anyway. They should all be made part time. Who the councilman is or isn't has no effect on my life. How hard can the job be? In the last 20 years, we've had at least two councilmen who were borderline mentally retarded (and I'm not trying to be funny, I'm serious).

      In any event, I give all four candidates credit for running. It takes courage to put your name out there. Fisher is an inarticulate man. He was very nice to my face, and then tried to be cocky when he didn't know I was listening. Completely disingenuous. I'd tell him right to his face he's a coward.