Saturday, September 29, 2012

Kennedy's people are nervous

Tim Kennedy, the borderline disabled state Senator from the 63rd district, held a news conference outside the Board of Elections yesterday declaring himself the victor in the Senate race. That's the race he spent $200 million dollars to buy. The one he was supposed to win handily against an opponent who spent $1.61.

Kennedy went against my advice and read a statement himself. He would have been much better served having his 17 year old spokesman read it. At least that kid's somewhat articulate. The word's getting out. Kennedy is dumber than a box of rocks.

A source in the media tells me, despite the phony optimism displayed in this clip, that Kennedy's people are very nervous. A reporter from the Buffalo News reports being hounded by them. He says they are begging them to write slanted stories declaring little Timmy the winner. Betty Jean has not yet conceded the race and it will now go to the courts. Regardless of the outcome, Kennedy is a marked man. He is viewed in local political circles as vulnerable, due to his poor speaking skills and obvious intellectual deficiencies. Members of the black and Polish communities now realize he is not well liked in his own Irish neighborhood and will be lining up people to send him packing. I just hope this whole process costs him his entire war chest...

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