Friday, September 7, 2012

You're gonna wanna come to Lackawanna

Lackawanna postcard post card - Our Lady of Victory, Lackawanna, NY
In a bold move, Crackawanna mayor Geoffrey Syzmanski closed down the firehouse on Abbott Rd. The move was made in response to firefighters racking up over 800 hours of overtime in less than a month, he said...

Fire House 2 was closed down after the mayor discovered 856 hours of overtime over the last two-week pay period. He says until shifts can be covered without requiring overtime, it will remain closed.

Mayor Szymanski said, “It is summertime so people do like to call off with Labor Day of course. However when everyone calls in, when we have captains coming in and working dispatch at captain’s pay at time and half there's something irregular going on.”

Looks like the "call in" scam is not unique to Buffalo. Now, the union chief is vowing a campaign to recall the mayor. It says here the citizens will be smart enough to side with the mayor on this one.  Good for him for calling their bluff.

No word yet on who the union has in mind to replace Syzmanski, but one name has quickly emerged, the Ridge Rd. dancer/shouter known only as "Barry"...

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