Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sanford and Son

More has come out regarding the firing of Williamsville South basketball coach Al Monaco. A parent has come forward to say he called the Williamsville police after Monaco called his son fat. Monaco says the real reason for the complaint was over playing time. I believe Monaco...

Marvin Sanford's complaint about Monaco is the most specific allegation to come to light since Monaco lost his coaching job last month.

Sanford said Monaco repeatedly ridiculed his son during the season, making food and weight-related comments at his son's expense.

Sanford, a Buffalo police officer living in Williamsville, portrayed Monaco as an insensitive coach who should have realized that his off-handed comments and fat jokes could harm a child under his supervision.

Looks like Sanford's precious snowflake lost his spot to an 8th grader and it was more than he could handle. Instead of being embarrassed and encouraging his son to work harder during the off season (lift weights, play more, etc), Sanford notified the police? Seriously? Get ready. Given the fact that his current complaint is a total joke, look for Sanford to pull out the ever ready race card soon. 

The superintendent of Williamsville needs to be scrutinized very closely over this. If he's going to fire coaches over sour grape from parents, I have to question his judgement in larger matters.
Parent steps forward regarding dismissal of coach

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